I Have to Check

Too long at the windowpane
There’s a rip in the screen
And my breath’s baited
(I’ve just noticed)
Waiting for love to arrive
Like fog in a harbor
Romantic and misty
Or at least clandestine
Like Sandburg’s little cat feet
— I go check for mail
Raking three fingers through
The wily hairs at my temple

[Inspirational word at Real Toads
is “iktsuarpok,” an Inuit Arctic
regional word meaning “the feeling
of anticipation that leads you to
keep looking outside to see
if anyone is coming.”]


20 thoughts on “I Have to Check

  1. Fog, harbor, romantic, misty, clandestine. With these six words in those three lines, you capture the essence of anticipating love, just as you say in the line before. Sandburg’s cat-feet makes things more jittery. I wish there were a correlative word for the Inuit word, which I could pronounce. Thank you!

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