The Only Kids at the Fundraiser

After the salad,
we knew the Flores kids
didn’t like salad.
After the main course
we knew she was Mariyah,
he was Donovan.
The band took a break
so we could hear each other.
Mariah likes cheerleading.
Donovan stopped wrestling,
although he was good at it.
We heard dessert was tres leches.
Only it wasn’t.

Flash 55 for Real Toads



  1. I like this. Just what it’s like when kids talk to you, when you’re getting to know them. Leaves questions unanswered… why did he stop wrestling? Why was the dessert wrong? There’s a nagging sense of something wrong here, under the festivities.

  2. marry ya
    done oven

    (you spelled “Mariah” two different ways; if it’s on purpose, then maybe it’s because at some point during the meal, God changed her name … like he did with Sarah and Abraham)

    I think this is about youngsters getting pregnant and married young (or vice versa). They didn’t even know each other, let alone you.

    She’s still cheering (for her young husband), and he’s not wrestling (her) anymore. They’re trying to make this situation work.

    If they thought the milk cake would be dessert, they were wrong. I think they were young and dumb, thought getting married would be romantic and exciting … the baby being “the icing on the cake.” But they were wrong. It’s flipping hard! They don’t get milk anymore; they have to provide it now.

    Lots of sexual undertones here as well.

    OR, this is really just about children and dinner conversation. 🙂

  3. Excellent! Your portrayal of a certain type of dinner companion is brilliant. Great choice of word.

  4. The poem and comments are great! I can so see this scene. I love how your interactions make the reader ask more question..perhaps we fill in our own answers. That’s the beauty of great poetry. You’re awesome 🙂

  5. I liked this. I could see the kids there. I’m sure the kids appreciated your company. I would’ve if I was one of the only kids there.

    • They were our “poster camp kids” there to help raise money for those who can’t afford the summer experience. I hope the silent auction went well! I was glad to sit with them instead of shmooz with the adults:)

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