FM Station 99.9

Ode to farmer-style
Clutch, no A/C,
Windows down. Driving
To the KOA swimming
Pool. The one with
The twisty slide
Past Enterprise, but
Before Junction City.

Ode to short shorts,
Loose tank tops that
Halfway conceal
Spearmint-striped bikinis
We never imagined were
Revealing. Their straps
Looped thoughtlessly in a bow
Beneath sun-soaked ponytails.

Ode to the hum of the road,
Katrina &the Waves &FM 99.9
Here’s to riding a ribbon of road
In middle America in a
Plastic-nosed car.  How we
Needled seamlessly through
Lazy August heat disappearing
Right before our eyes.

for Real Toads


12 thoughts on “FM Station 99.9

  1. This makes my heart so happy.
    To know that I’ve been on the same highways and byways as you. Heading to Junction City this weekend…for a wrestling meet 😉
    The most striking line for me was “we never knew were revealing” you’ve captured the innocence, the feeling from those days in the most perfect way.
    As an adult, I remember the click in my brain when I realized I was no longer young…
    Gorgeous imagery

    1. 16 and licensed, my girlfriend and I thought we were so cool with exact change in our pockets driving to an “out-of-town” swimming pool. Those pink and white-framed sunglasses were the best as we layed out face up into that August Kansas sun.

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