Admire this line.
Gaze long. Gaze soulfully.
Gaze dainty, long &soulful.
Admire this mirror.
Lips &foot,
Two eyes,
This &that.
Admire self–
That shoulder trip.
Gaze long. Gaze soulfully.

[A re-working of “The Song of Vanity”  printed in NYU archives The Masses, 1917 by Harrison Dowd for Miz Q and submitted to Real Toads]


9 thoughts on “Raised

  1. It is a testament to your abilities that I could read this thrice, and still be completely amused and confused. Seriously good, but any hints on what it means? I keep picturing a ballerina at the barre looking at the wall length studio mirror. Close? Way off? Either way, thanks.

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