When I Open My Mind

when i open my mind
i spit up little bits
of gray questions &promptly
wash them away &think
the whales will ingest them

when somebody puffs smoke
from their fashion-oh lips
i see it
as another omen in the air
to interpret or de-mystify

and from my notorious
neglect, no doubt,
the angels begin sighing,
or signing? that’s pretty
much benign

while i entertain
myself with galaxy things
in my imaginary time
i do the big-bang, oh-so
ordinary things in school

like dying, &pretending
the world’s an impossible pearl
that there are no black holes
in so-said brilliant minds

i know my imagination’s
dismal &finite when I think
about light years, religion
& some mathematical myths

when I open my mind
i spit up little bits

for Real Toads


12 thoughts on “When I Open My Mind

  1. Nothing so fertile as an inquiring mind – whether the thoughts be bits or bytes, the process is the passion for knowledge.

  2. I love the non-dualistic perspective here: everything and everyone is connected. You bring together the cosmic and the small and it all coalesces. As a non-theistic, Christian existentialist, the call to make meaning out of this chaos is palpable. Thanks, Mosk

      1. Sorry if it came off as pretentious. Believe me, I only use big words when smaller ones won’t do, as evidenced the grade school vocabulary in my “poetry.” Understanding is my goal.

  3. Open mind. Out come little bits like algae to be eaten by the planet’s largest creatures. This is a wonderful journey. Mind closed, there only is the finite to apply. Every now and then, I mention that we build bridges based on designs relying on a formula without ending or consequence–pi. I don’t mean to say, Throw out math. I mean that “mathematical myths” are the basis. Thanks for taking us traveling!

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