I’m glad we went out yesterday.

I’m glad I ate
most of the apple
salad I ordered.
I know lettuce
doesn’t save well.
I’m glad we skipped
the fifteen minute
twelve dollar massages.
I did you that favor
in the theatre before
anyone else arrived.
I’m also glad that
you layed your head
on my small shoulder,
as if my bones were
made of feathers.
I’m still happy
about that.


18 thoughts on “I’m glad we went out yesterday.

      1. I wish I did! I have two Jr Highers, so I don’t get to do such things. Yet. 😉
        Sometimes Hot Hubbie (also a writer) and I just whisper the words “Empty Nest” in each others’ ears. 😉

  1. This makes me so happy…makes me miss my hubby as I travel this week. Thank you, Angie xo

    Ps: I eavesdropped on the comments about a Writer’s Retreat. I’ve never been to one…would love to go! You’ve sparked me to do some looking!

      1. Like many writers, I’m a homebody at heart. I do like going to TN, though. Beautiful pockets of people and mountains and music everywhere.
        And yes – I’ll be looking for somewhere affordable, too!

      2. I registered, too, Angie. THANK YOU! That’s a busy weekend, so who knows how much I’ll be able to participate, but even if I hang out on the fringe, it’s better than nothing, right? 😉

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