For Delaney, Upon Entering College

I drive you past Banana Moon Bay
……sing; say
all the words from A Friend in the Moon
……a simple tune
I crooned by your bed about a ladder
……dusting the matter
from the here &now, the after &after
reaching for stars to strengthen your arms
adding your polish, lending your charms.
Sing-say a simple tune, “Dusting the Matter.”

new form poetry for De at d’Verse


18 thoughts on “For Delaney, Upon Entering College

  1. I love the singsong, almost nonsense rhyme, the kind we make with our kids, even when they’re way too old for them. Bittersweet and poignant, but thankfully, that picture just erupts in joy. Good luck, Delaney.

      1. Your niece is clearly very talented. And even though they grumble about it now, I’m sure your daughters will appreciate it one day. These moments are so fleeting!

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