It’s a Good Tuesday Morning

There’s bedlam under foot.
There’s a stutter before we
recognize each other.
Because we’re in white.
Still the red barn.
Still the old tire.
Still pushing through
fences we labeled
Do Not Enter. Never mind
this snow. We know this cold
will surely pass.
It’s a good Tuesday morning.

for Real Toads


25 thoughts on “It’s a Good Tuesday Morning

  1. I really liked that video clip and you captured what was so illusive about the visual experience. Especially the way the no entry sign was ignored. I love your poetry, Angie.

  2. I was thinking of the word bedlam yesterday, which has nothing to do with anything. I was reminded (reminding myself) of the origin of the word, which is the name of Bethlehem, the mental hospital of horrors in England. Irony, I guess, that bedlam should come from a name that means place of healing. Your bedlam is much more nuanced than the happenings in either Bethlehem, I’m sure. I don’t know for sure who we is (the sheep in the illustration, I guess, though it could be two other beings dressed in white–or covered in the snow), and I don’t need to know. This is a wonderful moment of encounter on a winter’s day. Thank you for making it so. Sorry for the density of my comments (my being dense). Not sorry for the winter wonder.

  3. I can ‘see’ the video by reading this poem, Angie. That when the video is gone now, I am thinking it was of the two mules who came while the others stayed. That’s the one I used.

    1. Yes, I was drawn to the animals too. Same barn, same paddock, but you used the September video and I used the Winter version called Good Tuesday Morning from Bedlam Farm (the first video I haphazardly viewed last). In retrospect, it was so cool to see the exact same place in two different seasons.

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