Of Firefly

not of pollyanna. i don’t wanna. not of earthly things. my heart has leapt for the firefly. not of any mind’s eye, or a here-is-all, or a beg your pardon. neither a wherewithal of patient flowers, piecemeal clothes in thunder showers. but the firefly! one million wings burning real bright. not of pollyanna.

Flash 55 for Real Toads
(One Million of Firefly Photo by Takashi Zenihiro, for National Geographic)


21 thoughts on “Of Firefly

  1. Your have a remarkable way with words in prose as well as poetry. I love the way your firefly becomes the full focus of attention.

  2. I like it, Angie. Not of pollyanna, but nothing I could ever possess. 🙂
    not of pollyanna, but for colors. all the colors i’d have, start with rainbow. not of pollyanna.

  3. Ah==very clever–suits the contest as well as that particular photograph–I don’t so much mind pollyanna (ha!) but I do find your message very compelling as presented here– wonderfully engaging and bright. k.

  4. Leaping for the firefly, what do we catch–a little bug with powers we certainly can’t duplicate in any living way–a bit of intrinsic magic which I for one, don;t want explained–I merely want to leap. Loved this.

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