reason 46


makes me weird
(so i’ve been told)
so i won’t divulge
about all that
talking to my(self)
and my other selves
(before) i began penning
(before) i grabbed a pencil
to record a Kansas dusk
(of which i’m deeply aware)
keeps falling,
(and falling)
& falling

play it again Toads
Words Count with MZ
“You’re weird. I like you.”



  1. A wonderful capture of the first thing which prompted you to pick up your pen to write a poem. I often wonder what motivates me to write and continue writing, it is a weird compulsion.

  2. ha “poetry~

    makes me weird
    (so i’ve been told)” ain’t that the truth! I’m not sure where we get our voices from, but it’s quite out of body at times.

  3. I like you weird, too. I think of Kansas having big skies. We had biggish skies in Ohio. I can only imagine the progression of falls it takes for the sun to set in the land of Dorothy Gale.

  4. You talk to yourself too, huh? For me, it’s not always out loud. Yesterday I had to explain to my husband why I was chuckling for no apparent reason. (I had just come up with a funny one-liner during an internal monologue.) Tee hee.

    Good thing we weirdos have each other for support and inspiration.

    • Ya, my husband knows better than to ask, “watcha thinking?” Ha ha. My college daughter who’s back on break, who must’ve forgotten my quirks, told me I’m exhausting! Not exactly a compliment. ❤️

    • Kansas horizons are just beautiful Margaret:) Thanks for stopping in. Here’s to another year of circling the sun.

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