Year In Review

…”next year’s words await another voice.”
T.S. Eliot

You don’t want a poem. You want a
Toad, a crazy father, a cuss of a mother.
Where This Is Going is Texas. Me crying
at the Alamo. Mom &Dad Were Young.
The flour mill spits up white dust. I’m
220 N.E. 4th Street: canary yellow,
avocado green, powder blue, &riding
hood red. Forever. Never mind the
Abortion Appointment. It’s gone. Gone
is mother’s magical voice. YeahWrite me.
At Seventeen I Heard God’s Voice &that’s
why I still listen for my authentic one.

{for Real Toads Highlighting my top posts from 2015. It’s sort of deflating that people want to read about real life. Some of my “prettier” pieces paled in comparison to the number of clicks my top 4 posts received. Hover over the words to click &read what was read the most. Also find the links to my favorite 2 homes for writing prompts tucked in there somewhere. Thanks for reading this year!!}


13 thoughts on “Year In Review

  1. This is a unique way to present your yearly round-up. I enjoyed the piece as prose poetry, and was happy to see the Toads got a mention.

    Wishing you compliments of the season and very happy holidays.

  2. You are my favorite “new” writer this year. (“New” is in quotes because you’re new to me.) I’ve really enjoyed your work, and don’t be deflated that people want to hear about you. Remember, we’re not coming here only to bask in the glow of your pretty words, we want to know about you. Poetry,like all art, is about human connection, which is pretty much why all my works are autobiographical – or as I say “I’m not a poet, but rather, a documentarian, and I am my own favorite subject.”

    May you have a wonderful Christmas and a glorious New Year.
    From an uncharacteristically cloudy, Moreno Valley Winter’s day, your pal,

  3. An interesting way to present the round up! poetic in itself, but now I’ll have to click on these links to see what other “voices” they bring.

  4. What a creative review. If only corporate annual reports were expressed this way. Our economy might have a chance, because we’d realize the possibilities are expansive. The intermittent links are certainly inviting. I’ve only been blogging for a few months, but I’m thankful I found your work to read. Thanks for that and for your-another voice for the new year’s words.

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