Let Earth

Gaze at the Heavens
Let us gaze at her too
Let lights inspire
A freedom song
A night of voice in tune

Let us lay down
Our troubled sighs
Be silent in the snow
Listen to the snowflakes talk
Their moonshine faces glow

[for Real Toads
my version of “Joy
to the World”]


15 thoughts on “Let Earth

  1. Still find this poem highly appealing. The earth does receive. I’ve nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I hope this is all right with you. At my blog (the entry with the award’s name) are the rules and the icon. You are linked there as a nominee! Thank you!

  2. Still and beautiful, as the full moon o’er a snowy patch. Thanks for all the exquisite poetry – may you know all the beauty and love of this season, with gratitude and love, Moskowitz the Humble

  3. Loving this, Angie. I can see those “snowflakes” shining.
    And Heaven and Nature sang, even the snowflakes, just for Angie and us!!! 🙂
    Thanks for your visit and inspiration. BTW, we are farther from snow than you, being here in the Texas Gulf Coast region. But we do get a small snowfall about every ten years. The picture at the bottom of my previous post, about the ‘bob-tailed nag’, showed our snow fall in 2010. It only stayed in shady places, and then not even for a day.

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