for your front teeth

for your front teeth
i’m affectionate.
who says such a thing?
&with the tops of your feet,
i’m smitten. even with the ten
railway bones running to your
balancing toes &untrimmed nails.
i don’t think anyone knows.
i’m soft for your hair.
&earlobes. i’ve said it before.
your legs. they’re solid as trees.
i’m telling you now. your arms
are plenty strong enough to hold me.
so hold me. what more? nothing
poetic here. let’s just love.

[for Real Toads– 2 words
taken from a Christmas
song: front &teeth, from
“All I Want For Christmas
Is My Two Front Teeth.”]

Winter is for snuggling:)


20 thoughts on “for your front teeth

  1. I always admire the way you approach a topic. The lead in here cleverly asks the reader to consider love from a different view point, and remember how attached one may be to the whole package.

  2. It’s cute, Angie. There is a love song, probably too old for you, 1954, named “All of you.”
    There is a more recent song, “All of me.” Both of them are reminded to me by your poem.

  3. I often wonder if it is really the attributes of someone I love that have charmed me, or, more likely, is it because I am charmed, that so many things about them becomes wonderful?

    –coal (Fireblossom)

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