you want the hill country?

you’re discontent
you want greatness

you’ve got to go chop
your own menacing lumber

yesterday’s swing fell short and
yonder lies your strength if you believe
[yes, i believe] you’re greater than the giants

for Real Toads



  1. we just left the hill country for the flats of the texas gulf coast
    if a person doesn’t believe he/she might can do there isn’t much chance of success
    there’s a kid song the little train that could
    do you remember that one

    • Of course I’m familiar with the Little Engine That Could. 🚂 we all need to remember to keep chugging along, to exercise our faith. Thanks Jim.

  2. Love the central stanza–been dealing with a lot of menacing lumber lately, both literally and metaphorically. As always, you use symbol to perfection.

    • I take a swing at life every day. Some days are more arthritic than others….but let’s keep encouraging one another. It’s the try. Sigh

    • Tough loss. If it applies… get to cutting! But, nah, this was what I heard after reading Jon Courson’s commentary on Joshua 17:15. If I want more, I’ve got to start chopping at my giants.

  3. Perfect metaphor, and I love your language in this, especially, “yonder lies your strength if you believe”.

  4. Great metaphor – the fist few days of swinging, one is soar. But, with continued exercise, one gets stronger and more coordinated! So, put those giants on notice!

  5. Loved, as I love most of your work. All inspirational acts risk failure. Overcoming failure, or not being afraid to fail, these are the hallmarks of an inspirational person, and you is one. Love, Mosk

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