So Then

old things are passed away
the upper & lower springs
we are second lives &Heaven

excuse me for asking,
but do you think
we’ll pine for the perishable?

for little boxes
like my brother used to make,
for dusty feet and a water baptismal,
for raw meat smoking &dry grass burning,
for the great mountain &green noble fir?

am i wrong in thinking so elemental,
as first lives slip away spontaneously
like the snow of early spring

so then,
nobody asks for strawberry jelly?
and nobody remembers war?

for Real Toads


29 thoughts on “So Then

  1. Such a powerful poem. It brought chills with its contemplation of life and the hereafter and what meaning lies between.

      1. Will we? I liked your questions and hints for answers.
        BTW, I took two McDonald’s packets of strawberry jelly/jam from the arm rest pocket tonight and put them in the refrigerator. Now, after my read here, I know why. I’m prepared. 🙂

      2. Ha Jim. I don’t think we will miss jam. Strawberries could be the size of bowling balls? Food with jam has to be there! Don’t worry about stowing away your packets. 😋

  2. The ephemeral, the ungraspable, the impermeable to our finite minds–and the things we see, touch, remember and feel that sustain us–blend beautifully into the questions that challenge us all with their occluded resolutions–a very fine poem. I especially like the line ‘we are second lives & Heaven..”

  3. Wow, I hope no one will remember war. But as moving on is the soul’s evolution, I think we will become like the angels, sad to contemplate the mess humans make of living on this earth. Very thought provoking poem and I like the things you chose that we might miss, like jam and mountain and fir. It is the scenery I will miss and I HOPE it is as beautiful where we are going. Wonderful writing!

  4. I hope we “pine for the perishable.” Or maybe fondly reminisce. Remembering, at least. Regarding the last line, I’ve been wondering about war and trying to write about what I see as the new Cold War coming. Or here. Especially since the North Korean announcement of having a nuclear bomb. Do we not remember war that we keep waging it again? Thanks for thinking us.

  5. Two of my favorite poets are Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. You remind me of them. Stunning work and voice. You are the real deal, as far as I’m concerned.

    1. I was just pushing my daughter (all giddy-like) last night to choose either one of those two amazing poets to do her research paper on! What a wonderful compliment! I don’t think I sold my daughter on Plath by describing her as blunt. lol

  6. yesterday I saw a post where a Marine colonel (if memory serves) commented on how the candidates for president so blithely promised war… with other people’s sons. ~

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