The Hypothetical Dying Man

  Aristotle (hypothetically)
 premature death
 every Saturday
    (this is you,
                 dear husband)
One ankle
 smaller than the other?
Will you measure it, Plato?
   (I get my philosophical
 measuring tape)
 Aristotle claims
            he's dying
 he's clearly dying
      Plato     (I) think
 rejects it out of hand:        
there's a difference
 between dying and  dead
   (I'll rub your shoulders)

for Real Toads


21 thoughts on “The Hypothetical Dying Man

  1. you make the dry, un-dry (echoes of dead philosophers ringing in old classrooms were never so interesting as these three you’ve conjured) ~

  2. The most fascinating thing about philosophy for me is how it shows how ancient and yes, predictable, our most profound thoughts can be–lovely nuances in this one, humor but also a bit of pain, I think. I love the measuring line.Thanks so much for playing in the Garden with us.

    1. Thanks for filling in for Kerry. The prompts, they keep a-coming:) This one is the hurt, the humor, and the psychological comfort my husband and I bat back &forth with each other. I thought it’d be more interesting to have a couple of philosophers do it here, instead of us.

  3. Hey, we are all dying, from our first spanking, our first gulp of life, as we seize/devour each moment of each day, oblivious to our death day. This is a terrific metaphor, full of playful sarcasm & espousal honesty. It is helpful to embrace the Eternal Now, to view death as a doorway, a transition, a depot. Nice job on the 55 parameters & the concepts of Two.

  4. Pennsylvanians have hemlock; it’s a tree called the larch. I’m told this hemlock could not have killed Socrates. I appreciate your sardonic application of ancient thinkers’ relevance to contemporary (real) characters and situations.

    I’d like to nominate you for the Liebster Award. It seems a fun way to tighten the community, like pulling together shoelaces on a favorite pair of shoes. The rules for nomination appear below. Because the hobbit part of me is terrible with machines, I’ve not been able to download the icon for the award. But it is posted at my blog in the entry with the name of the award in the entry’s title. Hope you don’t mind copying and pasting. You certainly appear to know how to post with text in images, impressively.

    Thanks for all you share!–Christopher

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