WhIte WInd’s My FavorIte

The whIte of the wInd Unleashes my Head
 aNd I am Drunk. my skin turns to sIlk.
 I'm the scent of sweet grasses. SImple.
 Christ wraps around me. noT unbIddEn.
 spIrIt laps my Face lIke an unblinking I,
 or a lash pressed upOn me. I pay attentIon.
 Tornado I say, Pour wIld. Pour easily. Pour
 Gold &daIsIes. thOUgh I am undone, tHough 
 I am unHInged, & dISheveled I trust my ear
 & leap. BodacIous. In motIon. In whIte
 nOIse. whIte lIght. I'm so close to helpless
 I'm pErfEctIon. There's no dIsguISing
 the featHErs. there's no dIs-GuIsIng the
 dancIng starfIsh whO sInG I love you! aNd
 as rIdIculous as our encounter Is, out back
 In my lAWn &garden chaIr, I rEally mEan It.

for dVerse poets


22 thoughts on “WhIte WInd’s My FavorIte

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! I see (all the new words formed) between the letters because of your uppercase trickery. You’re so smart.

    This is it … the bit of absolute wisdom hidden amidst the confusion:
    “I’m so close to helpless
    I’m pErfEctIon” … This is how I write, anyway. All crazy like and confusing to most, unless they like to decode. But then embedded somewhere in the poem, there’s usually a piece of elevated revelation. That’s what I see here, you little imp with a learning disability. 😉

    Very smart all up in this section as well:
    “noT unbI
    ddEn” … Good for you (or bad) that I know exactly how to crack codes.

  2. Oh .. yes sometimes I write when I’m a little bit intoxicated too… though I doubt that you are so to write such great lines.. using the capital letters really give that preciseness of a slur … love the sense of the grass and starfishes.. Your words make me long for lawn-chairs. 🙂

    1. yep, that’s my hair flowing in the wind. growing up in Kansas where the wind tears through wide open spaces probably makes me get excited about any little gust. reminds me of home

  3. “[T]rickery” (from a comment)? Yes. Tricky. Clever, Funny. Witty. Smart. Wise. The allowance in this poem is wonderful. Say what you will, how you will. This text takes hold, and we hold on. Happily. Thank you!

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