Don’t tell me what’s good for me.
You think I don’t know that I know
From my toes to finger-tips?
It’s where the blood goes.
It’s what goes to show,
I’m hanging on. Leave my mouth
Something to grapple
For comfort, for dis-ease
As I come close to dying
Twice every day.

Sometimes more
If I slightly loosen my grip.

for Real Toads


28 thoughts on “Grip

  1. I love this:
    “Leave my
    Mouth something to grapple
    For comfort”

    … and the way you closed the piece; so much truth there; white knuckles are a must

  2. Leaving “Something to grapple.” We’d need it, even if we didn’t have it already–“For comfort, . . .” Yeah, that’s right. I like tough broads, too (from your comment just above), though maybe I’m not supposed to say that. Oops!–I did. Thanks!

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