You Are Not Finished

You are not finished, you sorry
sap. If you were, you’d be dead.
So while you still have a sack
of inflatable lungs, inflate
those things. It’ll keep you
floating— a little while longer
at least. Perhaps long enough
to sputter a simple sentence.
So say something true. Like, “This
is my life; may I be worthy of it.”
Then be worthy of it & suck it up,
&stop being a sorry, sappy, sack.
This is the truth. Don’t trip over it.

for Quickly


7 thoughts on “You Are Not Finished

  1. I haven’t heard sap and sappy used the way you use them in quite some time. I couldn’t help smiling as I read the tone of cant in the verse. Though I respect the call you give to inflate the lungs, get over it (whatever it is), and get busy proving the worthiness of life. “This is the truth. Don’t trip over it.” You said it. You say it. Preach it, sister. We’ll get in line.

  2. I just love your writing. That’s how I talk to myself too, except I call myself Schmucko. Did I mention I love your writing? I did? Ok, then did I tell you I love you too? Don’t be so hard on yourself, babe. 🙂

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