Who’s Having Pie?

In the 80’s Shawn, Beau and I graduated
from Milton Bradley’s strategic Battleship,
&from the Sorry-I-knocked-you-back-home
game mom bought us with the high hopes
of giving our poor dad some peace and quiet
while his Toyota truck engine cooled down
in the driveway after a hard day’s work.

But in Trivial Pursuit, the pink and orange
could never get along! (even though they
were pie chart equals) The boys mocked me,
for cheap entertainment, “pink please,”
let us guess… “pink please,” they would
both say in their best fake lady voices
(this was their favorite part, I’m sure).

Then they’d match me on their turn
with give-me-orange or on-the-globe blue.
Bottom line: we all sucked at brown, and
no argument about it (shocking, but true),
one of us would stand at the kitchen table
to fully savor the flavor of winning followed
by one very unsportsmanlike pea-cock strut.

[playing with Quickly’s words:
argument bottom cheap
engine equals fake
flavor lady match
part pink work]


5 thoughts on “Who’s Having Pie?

  1. I have fond memories of Trivial Pursuit. That was in the eighties? Goodness! I had (still have) the Silver Screen edition that no one would play with me. Many thanks for serving up slices of the pie of memory.

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