Oh, Heart of my Hearts

oh, heart of my hearts,
i want! to think as you think,
the rain to-be bow on mountaintop,
on top of the world. and to top it off,
i want to recant the world. i want
to know heaven, as you live &breathe
heaven. i want to stop wanting all this
entirely, and be made entirely whole.
and so, i’m wanting. and i’m waiting
for my new name. waiting to be made
someone new &yet the same.
and why must i be an uphill child?
that i should even want this hill?
oh heart, my breath grows shallow.

for Quickly & Real Toads


17 thoughts on “Oh, Heart of my Hearts

  1. and why must i be an uphill child?

    I really like the way you have phrased this question, and thanks for sharing your reading of the poem.

  2. “Why must I be an uphill child?” What a great line and a great question. I loved the phrasing in this one, it kept me on my toes while making some very important points. If we could stop the wanting, what a wonderful world it would be…I think. Thanks for writing for the prompt, I appreciate it!!!!

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