Moths &Stars

my weakness i feel i must finally show
trespassing in places i don’t even know
stealing from them & i’m stealing from you
my heart is unwilling to measure the truth

i like it alone, i’m alone on the shore
i forget about worship, i forget anymore
myself in these shackles, i’m stubble in snow
don’t think of the rapture, no wings, will i go

{first line from Mumford & Sons Awake My Soul submitted to Quickly & Real  Toads}


14 thoughts on “Moths &Stars

  1. It’s a stage, Angie. Been there a few times, every time a nice female ‘rescued’ me. Remember opposite sexes are ripe for the stealing of their hearts. Been there too, probably both sides several times.
    I loved reading this, ’tis the season for being bad (I just left Mom Zee’s post).

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