Grocery Shopping When You’re Hungry

although Costco won’t be handing out
any fresh large carne asada burritos,
if they were i’d say load me up
on pico de gallo please,
& don’t forget the lime wedge
to bite into after i’m done biting.

but…i digress. they say you shouldn’t
go grocery shopping when you’re hungry
(but i do). so let me think of something
other than food to help me
get through my grocery list
without adding unnecessary items.

how about the poison of dreaming stars?
a fish tank of dripping words? a wheel-
barrow of robbers, a campground for
cowards. cowards? i roll my eyes
back into my head &throw a sad sack
of organic frozen burritos into the cart.

(for Quickly)


6 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping When You’re Hungry

  1. I know you’re not suppose to do this;
    but entering the store in hunger’s bliss
    keeps the food from looking dull
    keeps me focused, like an anxious gull.

    See? We all do this. Thanks for getting us (well, me) to ‘fess up.

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