You Think To Yourself

Becky never moved,
but you quit visiting.
Her house with
cheerful yellow curtains
became too heavy to lift…
you swore it. So you dusted
her shelves, once-and-for-all
to erase your prints.
Every housewife’s dream,
she said, but you never
dreamt it would end
like that, that you’d sink
so low. And the rest you lost?
In short, quick order;
supposing that’s the usual way;
disdain, refrain, disengage
the brain. That’s how you lose
all your friends. You wish
you could lose yourself too,
dont you? Give it up
to good riddance, but you keep
forgetting to put on those dusting
gloves; the ones that can cover over
registered prints.

(for Quickly)


5 thoughts on “You Think To Yourself

  1. Since reading the title, I’ve had the song recorded by Louis Armstrong in my head. Talk about irony–well done. If the situation talked about needs resolution, if it’s time, then I guess the solution is to do something. But what about the dusting gloves? When, if ever, is it time to put those on? Thank you!

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