I Learned to Swallow It

Remember when I cared.
About people, I mean.
Just as ridiculous,
I cared about things
Beyond my realm,
Tucked under-
Neath my parent’s
I got into a flop-
Sweat once or twice
At breakfast
Over eggs. Over-
Easy. Aborted bird?
Mother made me eat it.
Oh father,
Why didn’t you
Ever have anything
To say about that?

(for Quickly)


10 thoughts on “I Learned to Swallow It

  1. Wow, this made me uneasy, queasy. It worked, if that’s what you were shooting for. George Carlin: How come if it’s a human, it’s a fetus, but if it’s a chicken, it’s an omelet?

  2. Yeah, it’s hard to say “Like” when the visceral response is strongly disconcerting, as I think it’s supposed to be. Well-worded work! Difficult to read and take in, which is a sign of its success.

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