God Rest You

if there is only one world, it is this one. 
days like this are to myself:
dirt & houses; air & occupants.
the neighbors call them rednecks.
their loud engines, their empty
liquor bottles, their tow-headed babies
& little blonde women loading up
in monster trucks for church.
what am I doing?
watching the world go by, falling
& turning into the pointless beauty
of calendars. 

kids walk around selling chocolate bars,
i throw a ball back over the fence.
two loose mutts greet me at the drive,
& i think, well isn’t that nice?
& that it’s only right
a shock of rainbow breaks the sky
without ever the slightest chance of rain.

[Italicized words from Larry Levis’ poem Decrescendo]
for Real Toads


25 thoughts on “God Rest You

  1. What a world. What a world. It’s not awful, after all; the neighbors go to church, and the dog says hi. But it’s not an inspiring world. The rainbow falls, but having rain becomes unrequited magic. Reminds me of the end of Eliot’s Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock. Prufrock thinks he hears the mermaid singing. But nothing is definite, and no magic remains. Thanks for your art and crafting here!

    1. I admire T. S. Eliot’s work and glad you mentioned it here. His life got happier after he married his true love, but then his craft did suffer consequently, as his eyes also dimmed.

  2. I loved reading this, Angie. I was trying to ‘fit’ you into my world but you hadn’t settled into much of any certain place or stage. The “age twelve” after line sure did make me think that as kids we don’t always put things into a real world. They see the high’s and lows and … For sure that is what we remember from back then.
    The borrowed lines fit well, I have a few ideas of doing that myself. You did justice to your writer, I’m not sure I could do that very good.

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