apparently, when I was 12

apparently, when i was 12
there was cereal in the cupboard, &milk in the fridge.
i didn’t ask permissions, but penned some poems &sat in
the captain’s seat eating malted barley, watching
Soul Train on a Sunday.
i liked my ice cream, creamed,
&Chuck Woolery asking me questions
in my living room, but i took love boat
&fantasy island in the bedroom.  so, what else was new?
i cut my hair, which was a huge mistake &flipped
my whole body into fall leaves
over &over. i ran the hurdles, &for practice
i kissed some girls &stole the boys
i asked to meet me on a well-planned bathroom break.
very soon i needed Jesus.
i was so conceited
wearing a cotton terry skirt &shirt
like it was the bomb &not the borrowed bath towel
that someone (i forgot)
in the corner room of 7th period history called it.

“It’s Ma Thing” For Real Toads


22 thoughts on “apparently, when I was 12

  1. I LOVE this!!! Killer line breaks. Smart writing in the opening line, suggesting that you were your own parent. Also, the way “penned some (permissions)” implies that you signed your own report cards and permission slips. I like your version of a sit-in. 🙂

    Your stacking of “watching” over “Sunday” suggests that at this point, you were only “watching” Christianity, out of curiosity. But later, it became real for you. … Then there’s the layering, “watching Sunday,” “watching Sunday creamed,” “watching Sunday creamed questions.”

    “I was 12, milkin’ the fridge.” … Overeating. I was a chunky monkey too, but slimmed up later on, like I presume you’re saying you did.

    I like the “Else/Elsa was new” Frozen reference. 🙂

    My favorite: “&flipped
    my whole body into fall leaves”

    Jesus/conceited … great rhyme

    Love this … you’re an exceptional poet.

    1. If I could swim in the same tank as you &De then i’m happy:) Thanks so much Paper Sea, which I shall call you for now, until I learn your real name, until I can figure out how to follow your site…I’ve tried, but i must be exceptionally blonde to Blog Spot.

  2. I love the details in this. This captures the boldness of adolescence in a way that I tried in my poem. We were very much alike, it sounds. Sorry. Your poem inspired mine, another reminiscence- this one from 1976. Oh to be so young and innocent… not you, me! You’re probably still young – can’t vouch for the other though. Toodle-oo!

      1. I would never call you out – I was hopelessly awkward. Funny, you’d wouldn’t think that an overweight Mexican kid, with bad skin and tumbleweed hair wouldn’t be awkward…

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