do with me as thy wilt

highly inappropriate
which is this offering
which is this doll face
which are these ribs
who is this ceiling shark
who are these birds
who never think
legs could be disjointed
who curtsy
which is highly obscene
which is highly beautiful
which is blocked light
which is a naked mattress
which is highly inappropriate
which is flawlessness
which is this chandelier
from which i hang
from which i pretend to hang

for Real Toads
inspired by Sia’s Chandelier video


21 thoughts on “do with me as thy wilt

    1. lol Mosk! Click on the word chandelier to view Sia’s video. Crazy stuff: alcoholism, debasement, and general usury:) But, hey, it’s anybody’s call. I would have loved it to be based on an empty dishwasher! The empty part, maybe…it could work

  1. Funny, I thought of hunger and poverty rather than the inappropriateness of it. Then I read the article about the inappropriateness–just before coming here, by chance. But I’m not sure if you are not being ironic. Highly obscene? beautiful? Both! And you capture that, having each item both ways and your lst line sticks the narrators’s tongue out to us all. I enjoyed this very much.

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