The Man on the Bicycle

Mid Valley

here in our valley
of mid riff &raff
various people drive cars
through dust crack-a-lac
but there’s a man
on a bicycle
pedaling mid-air;
he has found, like you can,
that it’s sunny up there
and from where he sits
he is 60 feet tall
on a middle-sized seat
from whence he’ll not fall
so let’s follow this man
and his bicycle heart
because he starts his day right
and he’s right from the start
with three venerable friends
meeting at Perko’s cafe
he gleams and he winkles
as bullish gives way

my neighborhood for Blogging University


8 thoughts on “The Man on the Bicycle

  1. It reads like a French film. Or maybe I see Charlie Chaplin on the bike. The narrative has energy, comic commitment, and the wisdom of a children’s story that everyone should hear. Thanks!

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