photo by Gina Marie Lazar of VirtuallyGina

day will come
come will day
you forever
come what may
i am finally
i am finally
freedom found
here: the angels
promised part
here: is God
the longing heart

for Blogging University
a poem I re-jigged from my cousin’s
written tributary for our Grandma




9 thoughts on “Crystal

  1. The poem on the sheet of paper reminds me of my mom. She’s been gone almost 7 years, taken from us by pancreatic cancer. I miss her but I know she’s at peace. Thank you for sharing.

  2. The way the words are crafted toward the end invite us to consider that the angels have a longing heart toward God. Or the speaker in the poem. But also we can, if we may, think about “God/the longing heart.” That is, that God has a longing heart. I think God does, and I think we hardly ever think about it. What could God long for? But God does. Thank you!

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