Once For Old Time’s Sake

Pity this spite
is a stain on my chin;
therefore i am stupid
digging pomegranate seeds
with a spoon. No bib.
Wincing and licking up
sweet sugar blood,
wiping down the backsplashes,
forgoing my clean &clever
underwater plan you called wussy.

10 lines for Toads


16 thoughts on “Once For Old Time’s Sake

  1. Sometimes we just want
    to lick the spoon or
    drink from the milk jar

    I like to eat ice
    cream from the carton.
    Better not get caught

    I like your Devil-may-care binge go of things here. It’s catching.

  2. The “spite is a stain” that becomes redder in so many ways, and the way to cleanse it is let go. Clever, engaging severity. Fun to read (hoping that’s not a sick comment). Thanks yet again!

    1. How old am I anyway?? I took offense at my hubby saying I was wimping out on de-Jeweling my pomegranate in a bowl of water. I took it as a dare and dug in, only to have him point out “that spot” on my chin at a public event, no less! Live and learn. And stick with what you’ve learned is my lesson:) Thanks for gleaning something from my every day mishaps.

      1. I could certainly relate your mishaps with my own. How old are you? I don’t know. Youthful energy comes through in your verse. But if making mistakes is childish, let’s all be children.

  3. Pomegranates are not the easiest fruit to eat but worth the effort. I have a tree in my yard and nurture the fruit. I like that this poem could also work on a metaphoric level, as an analogy for how one might approach life. Thanks for participating.

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