Answers to all Our Questions

Damn &shit, if it isn’t always the mom.

We did wonder &ponder why Dad’s mouth was so raw.
Some swear words were sworn better than others;
and mom had another thing coming we guessed.
But, hell if she’d play his game. No pander! That woman
would shout, I’m not your mother!  Then, by God,
you’d swear his lips rolled back into his Tom Selleck
mustache, defiling our image of that cavalier man.
. . . So we took it upon ourselves.
to search out his despair in his mom’s wander,
in the new dress he walked to the store at 18 to buy her,
in a pair of white gloves too tender to ever cover
fingers too busy. Always fingers too busy.

for Real Toads


3 thoughts on “Answers to all Our Questions

  1. Hey Angie, I’m sorry for taking so long to visit. This hits hard; that 2nd line is fantastic. Thanks for adding your voice to the Get Listed prompt… ~

      1. well, as host of the prompt, it’s good form for me to visit the folks who add their voices a bit quicker than I actually did… cheers ~

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