For My Daughters

On this day can I offer some words
For my daughters? My starry-eyed dreamers
With patterns unknown who waltz with the moon
Disbursing light to the dim of black night
Until daylight destructs their tiptoe dance
My summertime babes well-acquainted with sleep
Makes me dare to say something stupendous:
Let us sleep, Let us sleep, Leave our hearts
In our chests. Leave our soft eyelids closed
They are innocent rose pearls. Keep the sheets
From the day; it’s a blue rungless sky
Don’t wake us to climb, we’ll rise when we rise
Upended from bed ~ a new pretty dream
We can make ourselves a new pretty dream

linked to dVerse Poets


14 thoughts on “For My Daughters

  1. Ah if only we could arise in our own time,
    not alarmed in time to get where we have to go.
    i get the feel of butterflies there in the end,
    of a time in the cocoon, of becoming butterflies
    if we are given the time.

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