: read what i’m saying :


convinced of my own
influential flapping
my own silly
i associate pressing
whichever lever

take this here lever
::peck : peck : peck::

to the release of some
dearly desired seed
::flap : flap : flap::

and because I’m blind
to the automatic release
of seed : of rain : of light
my seed:for:brains:self
begins to wonder

what did I do to deserve this?
and can I keep it up?
why yes i can : why yes i can

::peck : peck : peck::
::flap : flap : flap::

::type : type : type::

for Real Toads



5 thoughts on “: read what i’m saying :

      1. 🙂 I did post there this week, after a few weeks’ break. We moved at the end of July, so my brain has been pretty scattered.

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