Vegas Has a Dirty Filthy Mouth

IMG_6039Enough of teeth, I say. Let’s sell gelato.
Enough of radiant lights. Let’s smoke the casinos.
Let’s do it. Let’s do it all night long with women
And virtual cleavage.
Let’s sell them masks that look appealing
But reveal brittle bones.
And despite this revealing,
They will want it. They will want the mask,
Believe me.
They will breathe through the mask,
Listen to the money cursing &coins clinking
Through hard silver slots
As I slither around diamonds in clubs
Longing for one more collapse.
And the big eyes with their wallets,
Won’t see it. [The victims I hold under
The shallowest of shallows.] But if they do,
If they do,
Big eyes will believe these must have fallen.
Which in fact, they have.

For the Sunday Whirl


13 thoughts on “Vegas Has a Dirty Filthy Mouth

  1. This is stunning. We live in Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas. Most of the time, we are more than happy to be far removed from much of what it stands for…and thankful to be part of a church that believes it can also be Grace City.

    1. We were just passing through and I had a word bank to use up. Lol. There’s all kinds there. We admired the no-handed man playing Christian songs on his guitar. And a vendor gave me a free cup of water.

      1. Were you there recently? In the crazy heat?
        We get outta Dodge for most of July/some of August every year. We’re in Lake Tahoe right now. Must go home Saturday, and already bracing myself for the furnace.

      2. I knew you’d be in Tahoe. Yes, two days ago we were traipsing through back from our Colorado vacation. Our phones told us we walked 9 miles! We had to work off the Sunday brunch buffet somehow. Sweated it off 😡 I miss the cool of Colorado now

    1. I just re-read this. “money cursing” is a freaking brilliant line, especially today, with the global market crash. not that I have any money in stock, but anyways. ~

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