Amateur Dog Days

She became ours because God was smiling
Because God was in favor of furry hugs&kisses
&Because we were beginners, we named her Rookie
Because even though we didn’t know it, we were
Learning about windfalls of dumb luck in life, in Winter
Because that’s really what happens when you’re young
Being hopeful for so very little &grateful for the privilege
That you can claim any living thing to be yours, all yours, never
Conceding that maybe this one belonged more to the Colorado snow
To the horde of small bundled children squealing and reaching
For tufts of angel white hair as this carefree creature zigzagged
Her way across Greeley’s snow-flocked school playground
Being the happy hotdogger that she was– a happy tail wagger
&Even though –even though I’m past those amateur dog days
I catch myself still reaching for her now –like we all did
Like she loved for us to do as she dipped her nose to the ground
Before she took off quick and free as any living thing could

for Quickly


8 thoughts on “Amateur Dog Days

    1. Ah Jules. Sigh. Keep watering those plants (and grandkids in the summertime) 😀 my kids are all teens and we are looking for a puppy. Not sure if I’m up for all that comes with that again. But I do enjoy the love

      1. Our grands are young. We’ve been pet-less for along time. One reason is Hubby travels for business and I get to go with him occasionally. I do get my pet fix with the neighbors and relatives.

        I read somewhere (probably for younger children) that if you give a child a plant and it is their responsibility – and it is still alive and thriving after six months they are ready – the question though is if you are. 🙂

        Pets, medically can be more expensive than children. Well at times our 50 pound plus collie was 🙂

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