Planetary Alignment


 I don’t remember pushing through the doors

But I slip over the jamb with all the people just the same.

Under the night’s full cup of moon.
          I look past the hour, past the windows where within I just had communion with the light.
          As one of the crowd again
I’m singing a simple song 
small children mistake for church.
My eyes see it first.
two planets burn in a kiss
postponed for two thousand years.
I can’t help but measure the sadness, the brevity
as I point to the Western sky.

Does anyone know how fleeting this is? I think nobody ever does.


11 thoughts on “Planetary Alignment

  1. “Only a few saints and poets.” [Tell me where that’s from and you win my undying respect.] I love how you capture the wonder, the longing, the fleeting of the moment. Exquisite.

    1. So, I’ve been hanging out at this very place with no wifi. Back home for the weekend before heading back into summer. Meant to wish you well and thanks for catching me breezing along.

  2. That last line (question and answer both) just hits with such emotional impact….there are so many layers of meaning here and it’s profound to let it sink in.

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