22nd Wedding Anniversary

The sun has married the jasmine, once again
&the water in the bowl is blue, once again.
Here above the table, a spider has spun her lacy web
&I contemplate it, of course, before cutting through it
with one of the old wire hangers we leave out here
to roast marshmallows on rare but sweet campfire nights.
I note this: it’s a joyful-rainbow-marriage kind of day
&I tear lace &metaphors apart the same way (with unruly wires).
It’s my 22nd wedding anniversary.  And there’s a ruling.

for Real Toads
playing it again for Ella’s Edge


15 thoughts on “22nd Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy belated anniversary, Angie! What a joyful day to have celebrated twenty-two years. It must’ve sort of felt as if the world was celebrating with you.

  2. Happy anniversary! So many lovely visuals here–I love the sun marrying the jasmine and the blue water in the bowl.

  3. It’s lovely and joyous – Happy Anniversary! ButI wonder about the ruling … unless you mean the Supreme Court marriage equality thing, which is certainly further occasion for joy. (I hope similar comes soon to Australia.)

  4. Oooh, wow! Fantastic. How strongly rooted this image is – so concrete. And the celebrations and the joy and the daily chores, bored surprises, meeting life events…. love it. A whole lot!

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