It’s Always Like That With You


Gaze at the charred hills
God’s burnt-out hussies
Gaze at the airplanes
Man’s giant penis

[Pulling some jewels directly &indirectly from
Marilyn Chin’s quatrains and Haiku for 
Real Toads.
The tongue-in-cheek title is only thing I can lay claim to.]


10 thoughts on “It’s Always Like That With You

  1. The Ernie Kovacs photo caught my attention. From a Freudian perspective, everything a man attempts is to compensate for perceived inadequate genitalia. This explains the name of my website and why my poems are so brief. Thanks!

      1. No, I wasn’t shooting for sarcasm. I really think my poems are short compared to others. Perhaps they’re a drag to read and the just *seem* long. 🙂

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