Sometimes I Get It

summer storms, their
mysterious clearings
remind me that
aren’t i always
hidden in
the cleft of a rock?
cilious, high &mighty
stances have me
crouching far &low
from mother’s cyclones
rattling like a leaf
under unveiled awnings
wanting to know,
without asking of course,
how big is God’s toe?
if lightning shoots sand
into smooth glass sculptures,
if the winds &the rain
are locomotive trains,
then how big is God’s toe?
and how lucky am I?

for Real Toads


7 thoughts on “Sometimes I Get It

  1. What an interesting amalgamation of concepts here. I like the movement from storm to lightning glass.. and the quintessential question concerning God’s toe.

  2. I loved this, seemed whimsical and philosophical all at the same time. Sometimes the biggest revelations come from craziest places. Thanks for writing! I loved it!

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