Between 6:15 & 6:45am

art by Jill Greenberg

art by Jill Greenberg

This poem is
under water.
At the surface
there’s a flat kiss
like a final baptism
begging me to
take it like bread
held back from supper
for a lost dog.
This poem could save me.
I can feel it trying.
But my lips
are drowning
while you lie
beside me
don’t I know
how all

 For Margo’s Dream Symbols


5 thoughts on “Between 6:15 & 6:45am

  1. I love the opening sentence. Haven’t quite figured why it grabs me so much, but it does. One thing I think it does is to hold us underwater, because that’s how the poem opens. That’s our surface.

    So glad to see you at Wordgathering.

  2. My own water dreams aren’t scary… but too often nightmares whinny.
    I think most dreams are just some of the bagazillion images we haven’t processes while conscious. Waking is always a very good beginning. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my ‘earful’. Cheers, Jules

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