Blue Owl

90c5d6c9c07064103743ec311e58ea3bbecause I am blue,

I go walking in the dark
with poised pepper spray

under my index finger.
I drag myself

to the outskirts

of my no-name town
&you’d think I had nothing

to worry about. really.
–being a great &wondrous

blue owl and all
–beaked &taloned

atop a telephone pole,
humbly hooting,

but louder than humble
at two laughing birds who thought it funny

fly by

so low

I instinctively sink my face
(being blue &above it all has its drawbacks).
until I fly down &put my legs back on to walk
the rest of the way home

thinking about the dog-eared

cat who said hello.


4 thoughts on “Blue Owl

      1. Oh, if you mean what inspired me…it was my walk for sure, but also the latest Wednesday prompt from Poetic Asides. Title must be the color you are wearing and the last animal you saw.

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