fishing for the mother


the little girl who sits
in front of me at church
slips me a couple of feathered
owls drawn on scribble cards

& this simple roll of the dice
tells me that mary had a little lamb,
that garden apples are irresistible,
that pyramids were built by hand

a spider spins its web

mess up is printed on the back

cray cray is the comment
on the world as the pastor tries
to convince us there’s something
about Mary

but even the girls knows
the moon is
not so high we can’t go
fishing for the mother of Jesus

[prompted by A Prompt Each Day]


13 thoughts on “fishing for the mother

  1. I don’t care if this fits a prompt or not….it is amazing. Oh how I wish I sat by that little girl and received that scribble card. She is doing a lot of fishing for the Father, Mother, the Son…I wish there was something more than a “like” button….

  2. what an absolutely amazing write! i’m so happy to find your blog tonight…a lovely surprise! and thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. 🙂

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