Magic Unblinking


“No eye was on the sparrow. No eye was watching me.” -Joan Didion

i began to take comfort in the earth’s indifference
towards me, &john, &quintana
why should i expect anything else?
no eye was on the sparrow
no eye was watching me


i reversed
the whole narrative
because it was necessary
to bring him back, to wake her up

i buried it
away from the conscious

and though i paddled hard
i could embrace the autonomy
of managing my own crisis
as an irrational mourner of the accidental

john says i must go with the changes
but his eyes have turned to pearls

and i must find that e.e. cummings poem
because i want to say
how do you like your blue-eyed boy
Mister Death

for Real Toads
write about an author you don’t enjoy reading


18 thoughts on “Magic Unblinking

    1. Thanks for your positive review. Believe me, I didn’t glean much from my attempt to read Joan’s book. I read somewhere else about her search for the ee Cummings piece. I got too bogged down from her beginning and I never finished.

  1. You included lines by two other authors/poets quite seamlessly n your piece. I really enjoy your style.

  2. This is gorgeous, Angie. I’m not sophisticated enough to grasp poetic nuances, but I didn’t have to be with this one. The art sang right through! I love poetry that speaks to me without making my head hurt 🙂

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