Previous Jobs Held

sandwich shop, donut shop
a Mexican place or two
take your money
refill your water
stand and smile all day

sitter of babies, maker of
the mac-and-cheese
questionable singing voice
no deterrent for unchained
medley of lullabies

U.S. mail carrier in jeep
santa, of sorts, with pepper spray
a multi-tasking ninja
with one slip-on rubber thumb

school counselor &baker
of chocolate birthday cakes
for certain student’s fathers
because she mentioned it
because he didn’t see the train coming
because suddenly there is no mother

aerobics instructor
on land or in water
your choice (but choose water if you
want to learn the hukilau hand motions~
everyone loves the swimming turtle)

for Real Toads


20 thoughts on “Previous Jobs Held

  1. This is such a creative way to do a resume..wouldn’t it be so much more fun if we could actually do them this way?? I LOVE “questionable singing voice no deterrent”–haha, that’s entirely awesome 🙂

    1. Thanks CC. The funny thing is that when I sang recently (in the dark) over a group of camper girls, the next morning someone asked who was that singing so beautifully? It’s about heart I think. ❤️

  2. I love the way you list the key elements in each job — and the school counsellor verse is very moving.

  3. I love this. I loved those old rattle-trap jeeps, and i hadn’t thought about those thumbs in years! You crafted this perfectly, with just enough detail and you kept it flowing, never dry.

    1. I had forgotten about that chocolate cake, though I’ll never forget that little girl and her daddy suddenly in a wheelchair, without a mother. I remember letting her sit on my lap…because she wanted that.

  4. Beautiful, Angie. Yes to love and effort and to all the amazing things we’ve forgotten that we’ve done!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I was actually down about how little I’ve done with my life, but this memory gave me a genuine boost to keep doing those little things. Have a blessed Sunday Jennifer.

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