giving up her rose colored glasses by Maggie Grace

giving up her rose colored glasses by Maggie Grace

i think somebody might be doing it right now
touching a screen, #hash tagging me, stealing
my vowels, cherry o’s from my mouth, swiping
left, scrolling right, &skipping all that poetry shit

#youcrazygirl#youknow– just send us your face
with some uncreative writing without any longing
&smile in that new sensation which spans the globe

#youknow i only take selfies for you
what is a body?
#croppedcarcass, re-touched, &filtered
what is a body?
#modifiedmouths that used to savor the flavor
of landscapes with people in it
what is a body?
that i may enter it without imagination in fugitive time
on a landscape that can’t be found
401 page not available : oops :
try using the search box below
are you smash tagging me?

sweet jesus, i think somebody might be doing it right now

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19 thoughts on “#questioneverything

  1. Maybe because the Internet didn’t exist until I was in my ’40s, I approach the online existence like some old guy down by the tide who stick a toe in an retreats. My daily work immerses me there, but after dark I’m in my cave at Lascaux. Here there’s more awfulness than awe at the immersion, but matter-of-fact too, as if this air was all we have to breathe now anyway, which I’m sure it is. Persephone being dragged into the screen by a Hadean hashtag. #yikes

    1. Jim, as we all can agree, I’m sure, the internet is a two-edged sword. It can tear us away from “reality” but can also unite us with those far away. The other day, at my daughter’s softball game, I was carrying on a texting conversation with one friend who was a couple of blocks away, and sending silly photos to another who was several states away. Instant sharing connects us. My poem doesn’t speak to the upside, because I’m still a little paranoid/naive about shared information I guess.

  2. Love! Absolutely the new level of paranoia. Can’t even tear myself away from what is–in reality–a small screen in a slightly larger room. WOW!

  3. Argh, this makes me feel rather sick, to tell the truth. The ugly side of the interwebz is very, very ugly and the paranoia is often warranted, even advised. Love your style here too.

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