At Seventeen I Heard God’s Voice

old_couples_in_love_are_so_cute_640_11“You’re going to marry him someday.”

“You sure, God?” I said, “Because we’ve never talked.”

So when I got switched into Michael’s homeroom I started talking. Want to ride horses? Want to ride?

After Michael said yes, I knew God wasn’t lying.



  1. I love the way you did this. Makes me hope it was true. I saw my first husband in a vision (before I met him) in high school, but it wasn’t a good marriage, or was a stepping stone to the good one.

    • Yes, Colleen, it’s a true account. I’m chronicling my parent’s story. Mom likes to tell it a lot, because with her Alzheimer’s it’s something she knows by heart. When prodded, she will start on a loop of this story, each time with the same enthusiasm. Thanks for reading.

  2. Delightful, although I never understood the whole high school sweetheart turned lifelong partner phenomena. Perhaps because no girl/woman ever took me seriously as a boyfriend until i was in my 20s. How did you know? Either way, the voice of God finally came (after a lot of false alarms) when I was 39. I decided to follow it and get married. Thanks for this excellent snapshot.

    • I seriously wonder how any girl can take a young man seriously. lol. However, I do agree that we can be content & happy with the love from our youth. It’s just a lot of fitful spurts of growth, to be sure, to live with a person for a lifetime.

      • Ha! Perhaps that’s it! How can anyone take a high schooler seriously about anything? Oh,I don’t doubt for a second that high school sweethearts can find complete contentment and happiness. Perhaps I envy the trust, the longevity. My first love, a sweet young lady named Gracia, got married when she was 19 and this July she and her husband will have 30 years together. That’s unfathomable! Mrs. Moskowitz and I only have 12 years! I feel like a rookie! As long as there’s growth, you can grow together. Congratulations to you and the Mister.

      • we are always directing kids summer camps during our anniversary…so we just have a night in a cabin after the camp goes to sleep:)

  3. Happy Anniversary angie! Summer is approaching fast. To think that teenage sweethearts can be just as serious in their resolve points to maturity.


  4. OK, OK, insert emotional punch comment here but on a purely technical level this is fantastic- the title flows seamlessly and organically into the piece, but it’s also not necessary to the piece; it’s not sneaking in extra words but giving context and positioning to the story. That’s incredibly hard to do well, create a title that is integrated but not just part of the words of the post. Bravo.

    • I had to think twice (okay maybe 12 times) about that title. Thanks for commenting on that integral non-sneaky title 😘

  5. Happy anniversary. And this May, we completed 26 years of marriage.
    When God speaks nothing can go wrong. A sincere post.

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