Late to Women’s Fellowship

the miracle was this:
i made it inside
&the snake didn’t bite
me out in the burnt
white wilderness;
this is what i said,
this is what i said.

the miracle was this:
i stopped talking
double-talk to
actually say it right;
i’m barely making it,
no if’s, ands, or but’s,
i’m barely making it.

and one lady’s shoulders
relaxed &i could see it;
&i was freer than free
to eat two slices of
her cold cut sandwich
because i had made it,
because i had made it.

no, i had it all wrong.
the miracle was this:
that while i was nowhere
close to the table but
praying to outrun that snake,
a woman coolly made me
this sandwich.

for Real Toads



  1. Loved the repetitive lines here in this magical piece 😀 You gave such a wonderful response to the prompt 🙂

    Lots of love

  2. I’m so sorry, I don’t understand the symbolism. This has an uncomfortable feel, a bit out of place kind of feeling. I am very intrigued though. Is it rude to ask you to elaborate? Again I am sorry to be so thick but it is such a well written piece.

    • It’s a spiritual awakening to the christian themes of forgiveness &grace and even pre-destination. Yesterday I found myself doing my own thing, running, when I was supposed to be at a church event, but I totally forgot. I saw a snake in the road (satan?) and I had to run even further to get back to the place I was supposed to be…in fellowship. I had no excuse upon arriving 1.5 hours late, but knew enough to not let that stop me from entering. The miracle wasn’t that I dodged the snake. It wasn’t even that I went to church. The miracle is grace. Nothing I did was miraculous.

      • “Yesterday I found myself doing my own thing, The miracle is grace.”
        Thank you, Angie. I can see that now. I should have gotten it. You are very gracious to explain.

  3. Come in late and feed the lady. They sure don’t hold ill feelings toward one who has erred. Or perhaps they like you extra much.
    I might get different treatment?

  4. You brought the whole event so alive for me!

  5. Ok, I must admit, I didn’t understand it as fully until you explained it. I liked it, but once I read your explanation, I loved it. Great write. Yes, the miracle is grace. I liked your snake as reminder. Once I understood there was no distinction between love, forgiveness and grace, it was easier to believe it was *indeed* good news.

    • Sometimes I have to spell it out, don’t I? It’s pretty simple, L-O-V-E. Sorry my poem failed to stand on its own. It too needs grace.

  6. I love this piece. It’s the little things, isn’t it? A smile instead of a scowl when you know you’ve stormed in late, or your kid is screaming at the grocery store, or you’ve messed up in the four-way stop in the school zone. Kindness goes so far. That’s all I want on my epitaph, really: “She was kind.” It’s enough.

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