You Done Laid Around

“So come on”                     Home. Fat cat
I said, “Come               on back to
sweet                                San Antone
your soul sweet           ham bone
–one thing,                           is fried chicken
Two things:                        finger-licking
You cool                  bad cat
under that,                        cool, cool hat
You done                        laid around
and spoiled            so get
yourself                 back.

For Real Toads
A dubious mix of Taj Mahal soul & the Dr. Seuss


21 thoughts on “You Done Laid Around

      1. Face only? Then yes, now that you mention it. I was so busy finding all the different ways to order the lines, I didn’t see it at first. 😉

      2. Overload on every nuance. The gutter is supposed to be the spine of one of Seuss’ books. Left and right page to be read. A lot of nonsense going on

  1. I have never seen a poem quite like this; a lot of thought & planning went into it; theme & form & the Taj Seuss/Dr. Mahal mix is perfection itself; too much fun & good stuff!

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