No Love Lost


I hated her running around
and strange men coming
from all around just to
smell her cheap perfume

When I turned sixteen
I left her
&checked into
the state mental hospital
only I kinda wish I didn’t

Too many experimental drugs
&no-nothing nurses who
really just taught me
the manners mom never
got around to sharing

When I learned them right
&pulled my-selves to-gether
they said I could leave;
and I was all too glad

After a whole year
of locking myself away from
freedom &direct sunlight
I was ready to do
another terrible thing

I kinda wish I didn’t
walk down the street to
a nice ladies shop to buy
mom that new dress

I’ll be damned if
she don’t even remember
that dress– in a box when upon
opening looking just like the sun
melted in buttery ribbons

for Poetic Asides


4 thoughts on “No Love Lost

  1. I like this, especially taking on the voice of another. I call something like this a #poemonologue. (Who cares, move on with your review.) Even though you approach this with a light touch, there is a real heaviness in his voice, and a resignation of his mother’s shortcomings. The last half stanza is heartbreaking. Don’t you get tired of producing excellent writing? I know I never do. Much respect, Mosk-a-reena

    1. Will I ever have nothing to say?? And would that be a tragedy? Maybe or maybe not. Listening is also wisdom. However, I hope to be writing (poemonolouging?) for a long, long time 😊

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